Who We Are

Cinemacraft is a leading interactive media monetization platform. Our private label solution enable brands and publishers to deliver context driven engagement on videos and photos. Cinemacraft sits at the intersection of content marketing, discovery, and social engagement. Our flagship products are videogram for video and qixshr for photo.

What We Do

Videogram converts video into an interactive pictorial summary giving a user multiple entry points and allowing video to be browsed and discovered with the same simplicity as photos. It uses a proprietary algorithm that takes into account variables including motion, light, color, and clip duration.

Our service enables users to share clips and comment on video at the frame level, providing for much more context and in turn higher engagement. The Videogram presentation layer is 100% HTML5 which guarantees a consistent and responsive experience for all platforms and makes integration in 3rd party products vastly easier.

responsive design demo

How Videogram Drives Engagement & Interaction

In an increasingly 'on the go' world, our technology gives publishers and brands the tools they need to immediately capture viewers and convert those views into engagement and interaction.

Videogram empowers consumers to share and comment on the clips/sub-clips that they find the most interesting, driving higher virality on the content.

This type of targeted sharing entices the social graph to click on the shared Videogram and drives traffic and eyeballs from the social networking site back to the publisher's destination site.

Engagement and Interaction

How we Provide Unmatched Analytics

As Videogram knows what parts of the video are receiving the most engagement―down to the frame level―we provide content publishers and brands with a VISUAL summary of exactly what is happening within their content.

Videogram auto-regenerates dynamically based on user engagement (views, shares, likes, on specific clips) - this provides key visual metrics that publishers can use to iterate on future video content.

For consumers, this dynamic re-sizing allows for rediscovery of content based on what is trending inside of the video and what others find interesting.

Unmatched Analytics

How We Drive Revenue Growth for Publishers Part 1

With Videogram, any frame within the content can be replaced with a rich native ad unit which are are strategically replaced, and do not disrupt the consumer experience.

As these rich media ads are within the video and are a completely new and immersive ad unit, the CPM is much higher than traditional impression or banner advertisements. Videogram's flexible platform approach enables us to work with content publishers' existing ad networks.

Driving Revenue 1

How We Drive Revenue Growth For Publishers Part 2

Because Videogram knows what parts in a video are the most popular and trending at any given point in time, pre-roll can be dynamically placed in front of any particular trending frame.

These pre-rolls command a premium CPM as we have a much more captive and engaged consumer than when a pre-roll is blindly placed in front of a normal video. The result: less abandonment, higher engagement, a happy viewer and a happy publisher.

Driving Revenue 2

Where We Live

Videogram technology is completely embeddable and our private label solution can live on publishers' and brands' landing sites, within their apps, or on any other site of their choice.

Where We Live

Twitter Card

Videogram is white-listed within the Twitter feed. Share your videos in this new immersive format and experience more traffic, virality, and monetization.



Qixshr creates automatic stained glass style photo collage via our patented algorithm. The algorithm uses a combination of texture, & color to find region of interest in a photo. The photo is then overlaid in a stained class grid that is automatically generated using the Euclidian distance between the region of interest and the center of the photo. Qixshr can be auto generated with minimum 2 photos to maximum 40 photos.

After a qixshr is generated, publishers can change the orientation and aspect ratio of the collage, border thickness and color. We provide a Java applet & HTML5 interface that lets publishers reorder and remove images through drag-and-drop. Change the region-of-interest by moving the handles of a bounding box and zoom in or out of individual images. Publishers can then carry the embed code of the qixshr into their landing websites or mobile apps.