• Sony Pictures (Web Embed)
  • Capital Records (Social Embed)
  • Universal Music (Social Embed)
  • Turner (Web & Social Embed)
  • Warner (Web & Social Embed)
  • CBS (Web & Social Embed)
  • ABC (Social Embed)
  • ESPN (Social Embed)
  • Yash Raj Films (Social Embed)
  • Disney (Social Embed)
  • 78 Violet (Social Embed)
  • Tori Kelly (Web & Social Embed w/1 song a day for a week)
  • Priyank Chopra featuring Pitbull (Web & Social Embed w/ Gamification)
  • Fox Pictures (Web & Social Embed ndash; 3 iterations of movie trailers)
  • HBO (Social Embed)
  • Jennifer Hudson (Social Embed)
  • L'Oreal (Social Embed)
  • TruTV (Social Embed)
  • Cartoon Network (Web Embed)
  • Cinemax (Social Embed)
  • Showtime (Social Embed)
  • Vevo (Social Embed)
  • Yahoo Gyao (Web Embed)
  • CW (Social Embed)
  • Dharma Productions (Social Embed)
  • Born Free Entertainment (Bobby Jasoos) (Social Embed)
  • TIPS Industries (Social Embed)
  • Abis Rizvi Films (ROAR) (Social Embed)
  • Handprint Pictures (for 3AM) (Social Embed)

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